Alex's Bedroom (2005-2009)

Alex's bedroom in his New Jersey home proved to be the site of his largest projects, and the springboard for a totally unique installation. For his 18th birthday, Alex received a gift of a large amount of colored duct tape from his older brother Will. Working directly over existing poster board artworks that lined the walls, Alex taped the entire room in his signature style, adding more tape from time to time.

"Poetry of the Unwritten Word: Abstracts in the Raw" (2009)

Guerilla Galleries Installation
Open Doors 2009, Newark, NJ

Prompted by a family relocation in 2009, the room was carefully disassembled by Guerilla Galleries (GuGa). Guiding "Project Jericho" were Stan Sudol and Christine Wagner, who took possession of the wall art. Shortly thereafter, it became the central feature of a GuGa group exhibition in Newark, NJ. Working on a freestanding structure built to specification by Stan Sudol, Alex's duct tape art was reinstalled by Stan, Christine, and Marshall Okin. In addition to the artwork, the installation featured specialized lighting, a faux bed, closets, windows, and mounted photos of Alex's Lego® designs in the floor space where he had always worked. Alex duct-taped two exterior walls of the structure especially for the exhibition. A TV monitor running a continuous loop of "Breaking Boundaries: the Art of Alex Masket" was placed in one of the windows, so that visitors could watch the film in Alex's "room". The installation was so true to life that Alex situated himself in his favorite floor space, where he enjoyed the reactions of the many viewers.

"Alex Masket: A View a Room" (2010)

Guerilla Galleries Installation
Kresge Foundation Gallery, Ramapo College, Mahwah, NJ
Exhibition curated by Sydney O. Jenkins

For this solo exhibition of a large selection of Alex's artwork, GuGa created a second installation of the bedroom structure. This installation afforded easy traffic flow, to allow for a unique viewing experience of the surrounding artwork. Once again, Alex duct-taped two exterior walls especially for the exhibition.

"Under the Tape" (2000-2005)

The art adventures in Alex's bedroom began with a stain on the wall, created by a denim duvet cover for an upper bunk bed that was being dismantled. Rather than re-wallpaper, Alex's dad hung some of Alex's poster board creations on the wall. Seizing a creative opportunity, Alex grabbed more and more of his artwork, thumbtacking his creations to the walls until the entire room was covered over. A few years later, the family decided that a calmer approach was in order, and added a second layer of pieces, to which Alex made frequent alterations until taping over it in 2005.