About Alex

Alex Masket is a completely self-taught artist whose work is focused on the interaction of color and form. Utilizing various media in unorthodox ways to realize his vision, Alex has a wholly individualistic process, creating pieces that are intricately composed and beautifully balanced. Alex throws his whole body into his creations, using a highly kinetic process akin to drumming.

Alex is 25 years old and has severe autism, which greatly inhibits his ability to communicate verbally. He is completely unaffected by outside influences or the expectations and judgment of others. Alex first displayed his sophisticated sense of color and his interest in letters and numbers at the age of 2, using anything at hand to create art; an impulse which continues to this day.

Since 2009, Alex's work has been the subject of numerous solo and group exhibitions. His work has appeared in national publications, and is in corporate, museum, and private collections. See Artist CV.

Alex and his unique process are the focus of the award-winning documentary "Breaking Boundaries: the Art of Alex Masket,"by filmmaker Dennis Connors. The film has been touring the United States, Mexico and Canada. See the film.

Alex currently resides in Westchester County, New York.