"Team Alex" is a group of incredibly talented individuals who have made it their mission to introduce Alex and his talents to the world. They spur on his creativity through the introduction of new media, capture his essence, document his progress, and create amazing showcases for his talents. Every artist should be so lucky.

Dennis Connors
A commercial photographer and filmmaker, Dennis first photographed Alex's artwork in 2007.   In 2008, Dennis decided upon Alex and his artwork as the subject of his first film. Shot over a period of 18 months, "Breaking Boundaries: the Art of Alex Masket" proved to be a huge success, touring with 20+ film festivals and winning many awards. Dennis continues to photograph and videotape all of Alex's events and his artwork, shot many of the photographs used in this website, and is a treasured member of the team.

Stan Sudol and Christine Wagner are Alex's curatorial advisors, installers, and much more. In addition to building the amazing installation of Alex's room, Christine and Stan have hung virtually all of Alex's shows, giving each exhibition its own identity, down to the accompanying graphic design. Always available to answer questions, solve problems and share in both the stress and excitement of an emerging artist's career, they are truly invaluable comrades.

Tod Lippy
Founder and Editor of Esopus magazine, Tod gave Alex the great honor of featuring his work both on the cover and in an extensive portfolio in Esopus #13. A totally unique, non-commercial art magazine with astounding production values, it is a fantastic showcase for Alex's work. From time to time Tod also displays Alex's work in Esopus Space, and continues to provide invaluable advice and enthusiastic support.

Additional Thanks:

Niels Bach, website designer/programmer
Utilizing his creativity, attention to detail, insight, and endless patience, Niels has created a website that dynamically presents Alex's artwork and story.

Diane Moser, composer/musician
A well-known and highly regarded jazz musician and composer, Diane composed the score for "Breaking Boundaries: the Art of Alex Masket," and performed it with her quintet. Building upon the sounds that Alex makes while creating his artwork, Diane's engaging score is a key component of the film.

Thanks to Grace Noone for her insightful portrait of Alex, and to News12 for allowing us to share it with you.