Film Facts & Festivals

Produced, directed, edited by Dennis Connors
Musical score: Diane Moser, performed by The Diane Moser Quintet
Additional camera: Bill Blanchard, Bruce Hanson

This film by Dennis Connors is a short documentary that chronicles the story of Alex Masket, a unique and extraordinary artist who has created a deep and varied body of work despite a disability that inhibits what most might consider to be 'normal' human interaction.

Alex is a young adult with severe autism and makes what we in the verbal world call art. Is he expressing himself? Is this his language, and is it our disability if we can't understand it?

Containing interviews with art experts and a community of supporters, "Breaking Boundaries" documents the kinetic energy and wholly individualistic style of this young artist and brings into sharp focus the notion of what artistic communication and the creative impulse is all about.

Festivals and Awards (2010-2011)
CINE Golden Eagle Film and Video Competition
- Award for short documentary
29th Black Maria Film Festival
- Director's Choice
6th NYC Downtown Short Film Festival
- Best Documentary
Berkshire International Film Festival
- Best Short Film
Tulsa United Film Festival -  
- Best short documentary
International Festival of Films on Art (Montreal)
LA United Film Festival
LA Cinema Festival of Hollywood
Victoria Independent Film & Video Festival  (Canada)
Mexico International Film Festival
Hollywood Cinema Film Festival
Napa Sonoma Wine Country Film Festival
San Francisco United Film Festival
NYC Picture Start Festival
Spirit Quest Film Festival
Twin Rivers Media Festival
New Jersey International Film Festival
DocuFest Atlanta
NewDoc Filmmakers NYC
Chicago United Film Festival
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